Complimentary CLE/CPE Training and Mixer – October 8

Appointments marked on calendarBridgeford Trust invites you to join us for a complimentary CLE/CPE training and mixer on October 8 at The Millworks in Harrisburg! There will be a very relevant and timely discussion about cutting edge modern trust law concepts that have a big impact on trust planning, as well as a great networking opportunity among the CPA and legal communities.

David Warren, President and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company, and Tracy Burke, Investment Consultant with Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc. will be presenting “Not Your Grandfather’s Trust: Dynamic, Modern Trust Concepts You Need to Know”.

Thursday, October 8, 2015
The Millworks – 340 Verbeke Street, Harrisburg

We hope you can join us as we enjoy a time of hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and networking. The CLE/CPE presentation will take place from 4:30pm-5:30pm.

Please RSVP by Friday, October 2 to


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Directed Trusts

136557258 - CopyDirected Trusts, only available in a handful of states across the country including South Dakota, continue to drastically change the trust world through unbundling asset management and trust administration functions, putting control back into the hands of settlors, beneficiaries, and their advisors.

Through bifurcating liability, the directed trust model creates a legal framework allowing trustees and beneficiaries to work with asset managers and independent trust companies of their choosing.

Click here for a detailed discussion around how the directed trust concept works to empower settlors, beneficiaries, and their advisors while revolutionizing the trust and wealth management industry.

You can also learn more about Directed Trusts on our website by clicking here. This page goes into further detail on Bundled vs. Directed Trustees, as well as offers you the opportunity to watch a short video on the subject of Directed Trusts.

Please contact Bridgeford Trust via our contact page if you have questions about Directed Trusts.

Bridgeford Trust to Sponsor Philadelphia Estate Planning Council’s Ethics Forum

PEPCBridgeford Trust is proud to be co-sponsoring the Philadelphia Estate Planning Council’s Ethics Forum on April 22, 2015. David Warren, President and CEO, is delivering an introduction and discussion comparing trust jurisdictions and the vital importance of selecting the proper trust situs in the wealth planning process.

More information on the event is as follows:

“Managing The End of Life Equation: Financial Issues plus Ethical Questions”
Your client is failing. Her durable power of attorney requires unanimous consent of her three children who cannot agree about her care or the management of her finances. Her resources are being compromised by years of gifting, medical expenses, multiple residences and the trials and tribulations of children whose needs are a never-ending story. And now everyone expects you – the family advisor — to resolve this. But what is “this?” What can, and should, you do? Read more

Bridgeford Trust to Sponsor and Speak at McKonly & Asbury’s Collaborate 2015 Conference – May 21

square-image2Bridgeford Trust is proud to once again be sponsoring McKonly & Asbury’s Collaborate Conference! This third annual conference showcases a variety of topics and speakers, including general sessions and breakout sessions for you to choose from. It will take place on Thursday, May 21, 2015 at the Hershey Lodge. The conference begins with registration and breakfast at 8:00am and goes until 4:30pm with a reception to follow.

Collaborate 2015 features a keynote address from Mark Everson, former IRS Commissioner and alliantgroup Vice Chairman, and Rick Lazio, former U.S. Congressman and alliantgroup Director. Mark and Rick will be presenting an insider’s perspective on the IRS, Capitol Hill, and how developing legislation and tax policy will impact you and your clients in the coming year. Read more

South Dakota’s Decanting Statute Ranked as Best in the Nation

200070491-001South Dakota is AGAIN ranked as having the top decanting statute in the nation. Published by Nevada attorney Steve Oshins, the new 2nd Annual Trust Decanting State Rankings Chart, is an excellent resource for advisors and clients because of Oshins’ methodical and objective approach to evaluating the factors that impact the viability of a state’s decanting statute. Oshins employs the same methodical approach he brings to the Dynasty Trust State Rankings Chart and the Domestic Asset Protection Trust State Rankings Chart. Read more

Privacy and Trust Planning: The South Dakota Advantage

family-trust-planningPrivacy has always been of paramount concern to wealthy families and is one of the primary reasons why billions of dollars have been and are being moved into South Dakota for trust administration from around the globe.  Most states do not have provisions or laws protecting trust information from being revealed to beneficiaries or to the public during litigation. Furthermore, the few trust privacy laws in existence in the United States are not “created equally”, making it vitally important for clients and their advisors to understand which state trust jurisdiction offers the best and most powerful privacy protection.  For the reasons outlined below, South Dakota clearly has the most robust privacy provisions in the nation rendering that state the trust jurisdiction of choice for wealthy families from all over the world.    Read more


Decanting: A Powerful Planning Tool for Advisors

TrustDecanting has emerged as a very compelling planning option for advisors across the nation. Appropriately referred to as a “do over”, decanting is essentially distributing assets from an irrevocable trust into a new trust with different, and presumably more desirable and flexible, terms leaving the unwanted terms in the original trust and not binding on the assets. Read more

South Dakota Again Considered the Top State for Dynasty Trusts in the Nation

South Dakota, for the 3rd consecutive year in a row, is again ranked as being the top Dynasty Trust State in the nation while Delaware slips to the seventh position behind Ohio and Wyoming. A Dynasty Trust, not available in all states, is a powerful planning tool that essentially allows a trust to live in perpetuity (forever), therefore never subjecting the assets to federal estate taxations through a forced distribution.  South Dakota was the first state in the nation to abolish the Rule Against Perpetuities  in 1983, clearing the way for the creation of the Dynasty Trust.

Read more

Webinar Recap of “Not Your Grandfather’s Corporate Trustee: Modern Trust Laws and the Resurgence of the Corporate Trustee”

Trustee - SquareThis webinar entitled “Not Your Grandfather’s Corporate Trustee: Modern Trust Laws and the Resurgence of the Corporate Trustee” was originally produced on November 18, 2014. We hope you enjoy the full recording and additional materials below. This webinar was hosted by David Warren, President and CEO with Bridgeford Trust Company, and Tyler Wenger from McKonly & Asbury.

Read more

Bridgeford Trust Company to Present at McKonly & Asbury’s Alumni and Friends CPE/CLE Event

lDavid Warren, President and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company, will be presenting at McKonly & Asbury’s Alumni and Friends CPE/CLE networking event on Wednesday, November 5. The presentation, entitled  “Modern Trust Laws: Are Irrevocable Trusts Really Irrevocable?”, will exam innovative modern trust laws such as directed trusts, trust protectors, and decanting and the vital importance of selecting the proper trust jurisdiction in the wealth planning process. The event will feature a time of networking and presentations followed by a reception with CPAs, attorneys, and business leaders from around the region.  This event will offer two free CLE credits.

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